About us



Just hasyam club initiated in 2011 @ Ajmer by MR. RASHBIHARI GAUR ( INTERNATIONAL POET AND COMEDIAN ) nd inaugrated by MR. SUNIL PAL.
The main purpose of this group is to enhance laughter all over the world or we can say that to spread hasi / zeal to each and every part of this country is the main moto of this club.
Lots of arists appreciated this initiation .They only not appreciated but also associated with club like kapil sharma, bharti singh, saloni , pratap faujdar, sunil pal, ehshaan qureshi, shailesh lodha, etc.
The another objective of this group is to make a group of people of same ideology.

Brief dicussion of just hasyam and its procedure.

A global family of zeal, joy and delight.
The group of people who can laugh and can make laugh on the comprehension of club.
The world of laughter or gale who make the world laugh.

Motive / Aim

To make laugh alive.
To prepare a organized network of laughter.
To connect the laughter shows to the families and conferred them dignity.
All that which sustain our gale to a gale.


To make a platform of people of common ideology.
Constitution of just hasyam club in various cities of country and through out the world.
Service fees and Facilities according to the various sections of members of club.
Procedure of club and the role of members according to the club provision.
The constitution of local direction body in the direction of central council or the uniformity of club.